Pable looks to transform premium traditional fabrics into contemporary, sustainable fashion for the men and women of today. Pable was also created to provide the myriad artisan communities of India a steady opportunity to earn and develop their lives and sustain their craft.

India is an untapped treasure of traditional skills, of skills that have been treated like heirlooms, passing from one generation to another. The transition of skills over generations has led to sustained and adorned the economic and aesthetic veins of India. However, these skills now face an imminent danger, which waning demand and easier, mechanized processes that can churn out fabrics in a quarter of the time than what is capable by hand.

But the magic of handspun and hand-woven fabric is one of a kind, an unique experience.  The luxury, the beauty of a khadi muslin crafted by hand is so fine, so delicate that a machine-woven replicate will never manage to be the same. That is just an example, but it is true for almost every traditional, handloom textile in India. Most of these textiles are centuries old, from a time when kings and queens would provide patronage to weavers to cultivate and develop their art.

The house of Rewanta aims to reintroduce the ancient concept of royal patronage for heritage weaves, but from a contemporary standpoint.

The Company’s Brand Philosophy is based on 3 pillars:

One of the main concerns that PABLE has is that we are looking at ways to sustain age-old weaving traditions that are at the risk of dying out due to modern advances. We want to promote our heritage and reshape into contemporary products that can appeal to a wider audience.

We are an eco-friendly company and we respect the planet we live on. This is one of the major reasons why we chose to work with khadi, which has to be the most eco-friendly fabric. Khadi takes very little water or chemicals to process. Furhtermore, there is plenty of experimentation going on to power the looms used in khadi weaving through solar power, and if this experiment finds success, we are excited to get onboard. Regarding other fabrics, such as cotton, we source it from suppliers who don’t use pesticides to grow the crop since pesticides are known to harm farmers and the earth gravely.

Each dress or jacket is crafted from the best handloom and khadi fabrics in the most eclectic designs. We focus on wearability and giving you pieces that are works of art, that are eternal and you can keep them in your wardrobe forever, no matter the season. In this way, we create sustainability in reducing garment waste where most people throw clothes out after a season is over.


The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in Controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

 At PABLE, we believe in empowerment through employment, where all the artisans involved in the supply chain has a mean to improve their own lives. Hand woven, hand spun fabrics are a form of art that deserves preservation, and through a consistent demand for such fabrics, we envision a future where artisans manage to remain employed and empowered. We are looking to aid the Khadi and Village Industries Commission in further enhancing weaving clusters in India so these exemplary craftsmen of India get to improve their lives and to aid in creating a transparent, ethical supply chain.

Most khadi weavers are women, and plenty of committees are actively involved in their empowerment and providing them financial stability. We look forward to working with such committees eventually.


In line with our concept of royal patronage, we want to bring handloom fabrics into the modern, contemporary woman or man’s wardrobe. A lot of times, the reason behind handloom fabrics losing favour among the more urban flock of professionals is the way the fabrics are being used. A common misconception is that khadi is synonymous with rusticity. It is not—the way the fabric is created differs from artisan to artisan and rests on how designers interpret it.

At PABLE, we want to give hand woven fabrics the modern treatment, where we keep the beauty of luxe fabrics and turn them into relevant designs that match with the world we live in. Basically, we want to bring handloom into the 21st century, where people want cleaner, sharper, more detailed silhouettes that go with their lifestyles. And through this, we hope that the concept of royal patronage resonates with them, where they learn the way their choices are affecting artisans and they experience the emotion of giving something back, and the weaving community gets a new breath of life.

We have being doing various surfaces and fabric development in house in order to modernise our Khadi offerings since we firmly think that relevance is only forwarded through innovation.

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